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Associated Broker is a licensed Financial Service Provider (license number 34046) and have been in the industry for over 15 years.

We are a Professional Independent Broker and place most of our emphasis on service to our customers. We realize that insurance is a complex industry for the consumer and that is why it is vital that you have a brokerage that is well versed in all aspect of insurance and your insurance needs.

We are proud members of the Financial Intermediary Association (FIA) and follow their code of ethics and conduct at all times.

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Short Term Insurance

Personal assets &
business insurance


Short term insurance policy's provide cover against loss, damage, liabilities and more. A monthly or annual premium is payable and in turn you receive cover to compensate you when you suffer a loss on an insured items. The premium is based on your risk profile eg. age, gender, where you live, security measures, items insured, value of the item and your claim history.


Long Term Insurance

Taking care of your
health, life & future


Long Term insurance pays a set benefit amount for a wide range of services, including buy and sell arrangements, company and group employee benefits, gap cover, investments, life cover, disability, dreaded diseases and medical aid. We offer a wide range of policies which can vary in the type and amount of coverage provided.


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