30th June 2015

Windscreen damage – what you should know…

Windscreen damage is a reality that many South African motorists are faced with more often than they anticipate.

There are several reasons why a windscreen may be damaged, but the most common causes are flying rocks and debris from large trucks or roads that are under construction.

A windscreen is an important part of a vehicle’s support structure. A cracked windscreen can shatter during an accident, and cause the impact of the collision to move horizontally through the vehicle, increasing the danger to driver and passengers alike.

Windscreens are expensive to replace, and it is therefore imperative that the consumer choose a reputable company with whom to ensure their vehicle.

When it comes to insuring your vehicle/windscreen please consider the following:

  • Some insurance companies have more clout, and can receive discounts of up to 40% for windscreen replacements from service providers. This positively impacts on the amount of excess that you will have to pay to have your windscreen replaced
  • Depending with whom you insure your vehicle, will determine whether you will pay a flat rate for windscreen replacement or a certain percentage of the claim amount
  • Reputable insurance companies use “insurance approved” service providers for windscreen repairs
  • If a service provider is not “insurance approved”, the consumer may find their windscreen being replaced with a cheaper or generic product. This puts the safety of the driver and passengers at risk
  • Finance is always a concern with any consumer, but above all safety should be the number one consideration.

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