Expensive gadgets and toys – the insurance implications

Personal technologies such as drones, gadgets, consoles, video games, GoPro’s and smartwatches have gained popularity however, it raises many questions when it comes to insurance. Specifically, under which section of your policy are they insured? Advice from a professional broker is therefore essential for most clients. Tarina Vlok, Senior Manager for […]

31st July 2018

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What homeowners need to know about electricity and their homes

Homeowners are at risk of having their insurance claims rejected if it is found that they are not in possession of a valid Electrical Certificate of Compliance (ECOC) for their property. This is according to Marike van Niekerk, Legal and Compliance Manager at MUA Insurance Acceptances, who says that insurers expect their policyholders […]

26th July 2018

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Insurance claims spike over power cut harm

Electricity surges due to load shedding can damage domestic appliances, from fridges and computers to TVs and and decoders. Short-term insurance companies have been inundated with claims for broken household appliances and equipment during the last six months, when load shedding has been a frequent occurrence. Insurance firms are warning […]

6th July 2015

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Windscreen damage – what you should know…

Windscreen damage is a reality that many South African motorists are faced with more often than they anticipate. There are several reasons why a windscreen may be damaged, but the most common causes are flying rocks and debris from large trucks or roads that are under construction. A windscreen is […]

30th June 2015

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Are you covered when the lights go out?

You need to know whether you’re covered against Theft, Damage and Power Surges during times of load shedding… 1. Am I covered against Theft and Burglary when we have no power? Your insurance policy will cover losses as a result of theft or burglary following or during a load shedding […]

4th June 2015

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Don’t cut out the middleman…

5 MORE Reasons Why Consumers Should Use an Insurance Broker Consumers generally think they benefit when they buy insurance direct but is it true? To find out, an auditing company asked people what matters to them when buying insurance, and in turn their panel used those criteria to evaluate the […]

19th February 2015

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Consumers warned to protect themselves against loadshedding!

South Africans have been cautioned to protect themselves and their belongings against the financial repercussions of loadshedding and the resulting power surges that the process causes. This follows recent announcements from the energy parastatal Eskom which has said that South Africans will have to learn to live with electricity cuts […]

5th February 2015

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Thieves cash in on load shedding

It is reported that thieves across the country are targeting many homes during the load shedding hours and making off with lots of valuables Source: SABC As Eskom’s on-going power cuts keep South Africa in the dark, security issues have become a concern, with thieves apparently monitoring load shedding timetables […]

5th February 2015

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Generator Installation Guidelines

Installing a generator correctly is very important. Due to the nature of electricity an improper installation endangers the lives of people and has the potential to cause serious damage to property Follow this check-list to make sure that all the correct procedures and necessary connections are made. This is not […]

4th February 2015

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