Cover security is critical. With Associated Broker you can rest assured that we only work with the most secure underwriters.

Associated Broker not only has sufficient capacity but offers a high level of security, which has proven to be rocksolid over the past 20 years. That being said, often when tendering for new accounts, we are questioned regarding our capacity and long-term security – companies with sophisticated requirements naturally need reassurance at Board level. When they have security-related questions, we have these answers:

Q: Who takes responsibility – Associated Broker or the underwriter?
A: Associated Broker ensures that the underwriter carries our client’s risk in its entirety. More specifically: policy details, insurance schedules and premium collection are the responsibilities of the underwriter.

Q: What happens if something happens to Associated Broker?
A: Although we naturally carry complete details and fulfill a comprehensive brokering function, the control the underwriter exercises, guarantees continuation of cover, regardless of the circumstances Associated Broker may find itself in. Essentially this means that, in the unlikely event of our demise, our client would simply need to appoint new brokers in order to continue with the policies and funds already in place.

Q: What underwriters does Associated Broker work with?
A: Associated Broker only makes use of the most reputable underwriters (refer to ‘Products and Services’ on our home page). Mutual & Federal, Santam, Hollard, Liberty Life, etc. are some of the largest corporate institutions in South Africa, ensuring our clients the greatest level of security.

Q: Does Associated Broker have cover of its own?
A: Associated Broker possesses adequate professional indemnity insurance, to protect our clients against the possibility of bad advice or administrative errors, as required by FSB regulation.