Long Term Insurance

Long Term insurance pays a set benefit amount for a wide range of services, including buy and sell arrangements, company and group employee benefits, gap cover, investments, life cover, disability, dreaded diseases and medical aid. We offer a wide range of policies which can vary in the type and amount of coverage provided.

Buy & Sell Arrangement

Insuring you and your partner’s should anything happen to one of you allowing the surviving partner to pay out the deceased beneficiaries. Drafting of the contracts to be put in place.

Company Group & Employee Benefits

Keeping your staff on track to a happy retirement.

Gap Cover

Covering any shortfalls that you may have when being hospitalized.


Locally and international, assisting in growing your wealth and diversifying your portfolio.

Life / Disability / Dreaded Disease

Insuring you against the unfortunate mishaps that can happen in one’s life, and looking after you family when you are not around to do so yourself.

Medical Aid

Cover with all reputable companies from hospital plan all the way to comprehensive plans.

Retirement Planning

Ensuring you retire and keep your standard of living after you have left the rat race.


Helping you plan for when you may not be around anymore, and arranging appropriate cover to take of your interests.


We deliver personal service at the highest level with sound technical and risk-management advice.